Tama are type of creature which exist in the Dark Realm. They are the player's main weapon against the Demon God.


Tama are small and round. They're body is reddish pink and features a small cat-like face. According to the Demon God, Tama have no way of manipulating their surroundings, and only exist for the purpose of hurting the Demon God. When they are tapped, they explode and release an element known as "Ballzinium", which the Demon God is allergic to.

Baby Tama

A smaller form of Tama can be collected as a Special Artifact. This smaller tama is pink and has closed eyes. To collect it, the player must allow the playing field to be filled with at least 100 tama, while getting rid of any coins they find. The Baby Tama adds 420 points to the player's damage stat.

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