Pets are a game mechanic in Just Kill Me 3. They behave as auto-clickers in the game, doing damage to the enemy without needing input from the player. The pets are designed after different gods of various religions from around the world.

Acquiring Pets

Pets are acquired through an RNG based summoning. Each summon costs 50 rubies. Chances of getting specific Pets is determined by which period in which a summon is performed. Special powerful "Champion" Pets can be acquired using champion medals, which are rewarded through participation in Advent Dungeons. The player will always receive the pet Medjed towards the beginning of the game.


Pets are divided up into four separate pantheons These Pantheons are:

  • Cosmic
  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Mixed

Depending on the pantheon of a pet, it may be allowed or blocked from participating in events, such as Advent Dungeons or Quests. Because of this, it is important for a player to build up a collection of pets from all of the pantheons.

Pet Types

Every pet belongs to one of four type groups. These determine the way that the pet attacks, as well as their attack power. These types are:

  • Normal
  • Strong
  • Mighty
  • Speed


All pets are ranked on a scale of one to four stars, which determine the overall quality and power of the pet, as well as their rarity. For instance, a two-star pet is relatively common to find, while a four-star pet is only found on rare occasions. This list is by no means complete! Please help us by adding more pages for pets!

One-Star Pets




Two-Star Pets


Three-star Pets




Four-star Pets


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