Just Kill Me 3 is a mobile game developed by Fundoshi Parade for android and apple systems. It acts as a direct sequel to Just Kill Me. Despite its name, it is actually the second game in the series.


The Demon God and his clones have begun a mysterious plan to take on Demiurge and his minions. Somehow, this plan involves killing thousands of Demon God clones. Enlisting the help of the player once again, the Demon God has only one request for them. "Just Kill Me."



Pets behave as auto-clickers in the game, doing damage to the enemy without needing input from the player. The pets are designed after different gods of various religions from around the world. Pets can be leveled up to increase their total power. New pets are summoned by using Rubies during a summon period.


Quests are a form of short mission that the player can complete to gain materials, which can be used to level up their artifacts. Quests require the player to defeat three increasingly powerful Demon Gods within a thirty second timed period. If the player fails to do so, they will not receive any materials. Quests can only be performed every few hours.

Advent Dungeons

Advent Dungeons are a multiplayer aspect added to Just Kill Me 3. In an advent dungeon, players face an endless gauntlet of gods with a short timer. The goal is to get as far as you possibly can before the timer runs out. Based on how they did in the Advent Dungeon, players will be scored on a public leader board. The higher a player is placed determines what rewards they will receive. Advent Dungeons only occur for three days every week.


Demon God Television is a custom cutscene maker. Players can make and share cutscenes, and cutscenes can be rated by other players.

Bounty Hunt (Beta)

Start on a given date, and usually runs two days. Players are divided into groups called "Posse." Chances to to go on a bounty hunt, by fighting bosses of various levels, replenish every 29 minutes. Bosses may also provide resources as a reward. Players compete for points based off of the level of the boss. At the end of the bounty hunt, players are rewarded based off of their finishing position.


Skills are available as the player gains coins, by defeating bosses.

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