Innocent is a character who appears later into the game. Innocent is the 'son' of the Demon God.


He has a similar appearance to his 'father' with a few exceptions. Innocent is much smaller than the Demon God, and features large dots for eyes and a catlike smile. He has a simplistic body, lacks digits on his hands and feet, and appears to float through the air rather than standing like the Demon God. He seems to have chronokinetic powers, as he sends the player back in time twice in the game.


Innocent was first introduced as a mutated clone of Destroyer. He builds a friendly relationship with the player, mimicking the 'cool poses' of his 'father', who tells that Innocent is just doing this because he is happy and likes the player. After the true death of Destroyer, the demigod send the player back in the time through a temporal gate, in order to collect artifacts. When a good amount is collected, he sends the player in the very birth of Troy to kill the parasite without need to kill Destroyer.


  • Innocent's own name seems to be a sarcastic or manipulative name, since he is revealed to be a crucial part of Demon God plan.
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