Artifacts are special items in Just Kill Me. which appear under certain conditions. These items give considerable boosts to the player's attack power.

1-Star Artifacts

1-Star Artifacts are the most common of the artifacts, and will drop randomly during gameplay.

No. Name Damage Description
1 Saddle 320 A great protector for your hip. It sometimes evolves into broccoli...
2 Elixir 600 Mysterious medicine that some idiots mistake as coke. Instead of healing your wounds, it melts your bones.
3 Apology Stone 1.20K A stone sent as an apology after doing something bad. Sometimes called magical stone.
4 Mr. Yamada's Private Seal 3.30K Private seal of Mr. Yamada. You can receive Mr. Yamada's personal items without his permission.
5 Special Rich Milk 9.00K Rich milk with a lot of milk constituent. It can cause stomach troubles for adults.
6 Silver Recall Button 18.00K A silver statue that a kind of famous youtuber owns. It can be painted in a different color.
7 Lamp of the Demon God 50.00K A strange lamp that makes you feel a little pleasant if you rub the side of it.
8 Goldfish 130.0K A goldfish of the legend that can grow endlessly. Only the person raises it knows how big it will be.
9 Stickers of the Demon God 520.0K Line stickers that used Demon God as a model. 82.5% of the users are brainwashed by "That Guy"
10 Magical Bell 2.00M A mysterious bell that is worth 1 yen each.
11 Kraken 12.00M A creature of the legend that lives in the North Sea. It has a mysterious power that heals the person who sees it.
12 Aegis Shield 20.00M A shield of the legend that some idiots mistake for a plastic umbrella, It tends to be stolen.
13 Don!! 110.0M DON. That is man's spirit of romantic adventures.
14 Doctor Hat 220.0M If the Demon God wears this hat, he looks like a teacher who teaches assassinations.
15 Magical Spear Gungnir 1.60B Spear of the legend that some idiots mistake for a rose. It has a great spray penetration and it will hurt your shoulder when you throw it.

2-Star Artifacts

No. Name Damage Description
16 Satos 3.10M Living creatures that have a huge outbreak in Japan. They are secretly planing to conquer Japan.
17 Egg 55.55M It will be the Demon God's favourite dish if you pour it on rice. If you pour vinegar sauce on it the leader skill effect increases by 1.25 times.
18 Super Mashroom 800.0M A mysterious mushroom that makes something erect. That thing gets so stiff that can break through a block.
19 Landolt Circle 900.0B A circular magic circle that you often see at an eyesight test. Size can be different, but the smaller it is the more pain it can cause to humans.
20 Velcro Tape Walet 5.20T I will treat you today! Zchick!!
21 Apology Ball 7.50T A ball sent as an apology after doing something bad. Sometimes called an Orb.
22 A Case for Capsule Toys 12.00T A tool that arouses human's passion of gambling. Only god knows***or destiny knows what it gets.
23 Trap Card 20.00T A trading card that has a drawing of Demon God. It's worth around 10 yen since there are a lot of it issued.
24 Clownfish 25.00T A owner of the Southern Sea that eats endlessly.
25 Innocent Pupet 28.00T A puppet of Innocent.
26 Mr. Yamada's Bank Seal 31.00T Mr. Yamadas Private seal that he used for his bank account. You can easily get his money out of his bank with this.
27  Canned B 33.00T A strange food that gives you a whole a lot of energy. B stands for "barbarian".
28 Dice Crest 35.00T A crest that can be seen only by people who are obsessed with fortune.
29 Like! 40.00T A sacred treasure that is sometimes presented when you praise somone on SNS. If you get it you will have 5 % more satisfaction.
30 Magnificent Eggplant 45.00T An organic eggplant that is raised by contract farmers. Such a safe vegetable that you can even see the farmers' faces thanks to the traceability system.
31 Old Icon 51.00T It is said it took as long as 2 weeks to decide on the old design of this application icon.
32 Red Ball 58.00T No one knows what this mysterious ball is used for.
33 Happy Blue Bird 71.00T A blue bird that brings you happiness. It is said that Demon God has an account on twitter.
34 Cat Can 75.00T If you collect cat cans, you can summon in some kind of world. Demon God doesn't really like it.
35  Rock-Paper-Scissors Panel 120.0T A game of " rock-papar-scissors" panel that reminds you that your weekend is about to end. It's a little depressing.

3-Star Artifacts

No. Name Damage Description
36 Golden Recall Button 440.0T A golden statue that a very famous youtuber owns.
37 Small Medal 800.0T A medal that tends to be stolen if you put it a drawer of a dresser.
38 Miracle Cane 1.50aa A strange cane that makes you feel like nothing matter if you hold it. Who cares, who cares
39 Mr. Yamada's Registed Seal 1.30aa Mr. Yamada's registed seal from a government office. You can have a buissnes in selling or buying real estate, or establish some other company in the name of Mr. Yamada.

Special Artifacts

Special Artifacts do not drop randomly during gameplay. Instead, they will drop when the player completes a certain task or when a certain set of conditions are set.

No. Name Damage Description Appearance Condition
45 Fake Coin 510 They are not coins if you look at them cearfully!! When there are over 100 coins in the stage.
46 Baby Tama 420 Newborn Tama is way too soft. When there are over 100 Tama in the stage.
47 Finger 32 Finger type creature that comes out in a tutorial. When you have collected over 70% of the artifacts.
48 Button to Summon 77 You shouldn't push the button according to your desire. When the sum of each digit of your money is 8.
49 Close Button 49 A magical creature that lives on the window. on Wednesdays.
50 Stars 69 Stars that tend to gather on the side of artifacts. between 3:00 and 3:59 PM.
51 Fever Button 55 It must be fun to burst as long as you want, huh? When your fever gage is max.
52 Mysterious Agony of Death 99 A mysterious agony of death that you hear "Meow" but see "Grrroooggghh!"  When the Demon God's HP is a matching dice.
54 Work 222.2M A second son of the 4 brothers. He has a good reputation as his timing is brilliant. When your acquisition coin price exceeds Lv. 110.
55 Perfect 333.3M A third son of the 4 brothers. He is serious but a bit crumsy, and he always appears a bit late.

When your fever timer is Lv. 99.

56 Complete 444.4M A youngest son of the 4 brothers. He is such a moody person and appears randomly. When the biggest damage exceeds ten thousand trillion.
57 Mirror Ball 55.50K A magical ball that controls human's heart. During fever inbetween 9:00 to 9:59 PM on Saturdays.
58 Green Balloon  88.88K It is said that the Demon God that lives in LINE is becoming smarter little by little. In between 12:45 to 12:59 on weekdays.


  • The description of the Doctor Hat seems to be a reference to the character Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom, who the Demon God bears a resemblance to.
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